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What do we do?
We are Full-Service Planner.
A full-service planner handles it all—both design and coordination—from start to finish (like creating the overall vision, hiring and meeting with vendors and arranging weekend activities for your guests). This type of planner is great for couples who are having a complex event or simply want a professional to guide them every step of the way and handle all the details of executing their vision.

What's the cost of the average wedding you plan?
Ask us our range of prices and we do not have any minimum wedding budget we work with. We work with you with any budget as long as we can make your dreams come true. Our fees is based on the services you hire us for.

When is a good time to start planning for my wedding?
Ideally you should begin planning for your wedding 8 to 12 months ahead of the event. Popular wedding services, venues and suppliers require to be booked well in advance. However we recognize that this may not always be the case for whatever reason and we can help.

I have made my own arrangements for the reception, florist, caterers etc. could you do only a part of the wedding?
We prefer to work with our select partners and suppliers and coordinate the entire event. However, we understand that you may have a preferred choice of service provider and we are happy to respect your wishes and work with them.

We are both from different religious backgrounds, how can you organize a secular celebration?
Absolutely. Weddings between religions and cultures Shubh-Lagan is highly experienced and knowledgeable with.

What are the qualities to look for in a wedding planner?
When looking for a wedding planner, choose one that is punctual, energetic, organized and has a good reputation with previous clients. Is a person that will take the time to get to know you as a couple so that you can be at ease with and can better gauge the kind of assistance you need with regards to planning your wedding. Time spent in the industry is very important. Prime goal of the wedding planner is to share all the relationships and resources they have created over the years in the industry to make your most important day successful in every way.

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